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Impact Echo Non- Destructive Testing

Impact Echo Technology - The DOCtor


Before you specify, or even think about a repair strategy, you need to acquire all the information you can. Tecvac believes "An Accurate Investigation Will Guide The Proper Repair…."


A single core from a 20,000 sf span of concrete floor would do little good in establishing the extent of disrepair. A thousand would be nice but still inadequate. Tecvac can produce a color coded grid map and condition report of the entire area in just three days; with simulated core extractions performed every 3'-5'’. (Click on the core pictures to the right...the surface visible crack tested with Impact Echo revealed the defects in the next two pictures.)


Originally developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, our technicians have performed thousands of shots on a diverse range of structures and members. Each of our technicians are carefully trained in the use of Impact-Echo at Cornell

University. Our technicians performed the most extensive Impact-Echo survey ever performed in Taipei, Taiwan for the Dept. of Rapid Transit Systems.


Consider that Impact Echo technology has been proving its merits for a good while…:








Impact Echo Technology utilizes an extremely advanced method of nondestructive testing that will provide the necessary background data for assisting the engineer in making the right decisions for an optimum repair strategy. Some of the most common applications are:


Delaminatio”n surveys of slabs. Sandwiched membrane integrity. Crack, void & honeycombing detection. Surface opening crack depth measurement. Debonding of topping slabs. Thickness measurements Injection quality of cable ducts


The DOCtertm (Defect Orientation Confirmation Tester) introduces a short duration stress pulse into the test object by technical impact on the surface. A compression wave travels into the object and is reflected by internal defects or external boundaries, propagates back to the surface and again into the test object by which a transient resonance condition is set up as multiple reflections occur. This information is picked up by a transducer placed close to the impact point, processed and presented in graphic form.


There is nothing on the market today that can provide condition information with the reliability and accuracy of Impact-Echo Technology.

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