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TecSealtm Permeation Leak Repair Process

This is a method for sealing singular and distinct leaking cracks in a member or structure. Stubborn leaks are no match for this distinctive leak repair process. Often, this process can be performed with surface mounted reception ports and little to no drilling.


TECVAC’S PROPRIETARY LEAK SEAL PROCESS USES NEGATIVE FORCES TO SEAL LEAKS IN CONCRETE, MASONRY AND STONE MORE EFFECTIVELY AND PERMANENTLY. A good number of our leak repair projects are follow-on to failed and still leaking pressure injection attempts.


Unlike conventional pressure injection methods, TecSealtm is a peerless negative force process that draws repair material into the leaking fracture zone. There are a number of distinct advantages associated with this method over conventional pressure methods; not the least of which is the ability of the process to situate the repair resin into the finest width of cracks, smallest voids and interconnected micro-fissures.


Conventional pressure injection of resins are poorly suited to deliver materials into fine cracks. Attempts to do so by increasing delivery pressure often damages the member and exacerbates the problem. Interconnected fractures are pressure locked and receive little resin and internal shears can separate large areas of delamination with dangerous consequences. Rather than fight the flow, TecSealtm entices the resin along and into the finest of hairline cracks and interconnecting cracks.


Here an excerpt from a project completed at Washington National Ronald Reagan Airport:


"The TecSealtm Process of leak repair employs negative pressure upon the fracture zone. Examination of the cracks within the tunnel posed two problems: 1. the cracks were very fine and ranged form 0.005in to 0.010in in width and, 2. the thickness of the slab was some 30"” and was complicated with grade beams and expansion joints. The fractures were notably fouled with efflorescence deposits resulting from the long term leaking."


The TecSealtm Permeation Leak Repair Process can be used in any instance where it is required to stop leaking or seeping water flow. The process can be performed at temperatures as low a +40°F and will maintain a strong resistance against constant hydrostatic pressure.


Because Tecvac has abandoned using conventional high-viscous expanding urethanes for a more modern and super thin resin, we can situate the resin in the finest cracks, fissures and voids. Unlike urethanes, this ultra-thin expansive resin provides a permanent back up with its' abilty to re-emulsify and re-swell everytime it gets wet. (See Materials)

(Read full TecSealtm Technical Reports)

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