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PatchMatchtm Harmonizing 

PatchMatchtm Harmonizing Patch Method is a method that blends Polymer Concrete Repair materials to closely harmonize the color and texture of the existing substrate.


The PatchMatchtm method of patching aesthetically sensitive areas of deteriorated concrete, allows the restoration of an array of colors and textures to be installed. Historically significant fabric, including exposed aggregate, intricate fascias and detailed panels can be patched to closely match adjacent surfaces.


A number of patches were installed at a new metro station being constructed by Lane Construction using Sika Corporation’s powdered repair mortar. The patches were of good quality and well bonded. However, the natural color of the repair materials contrasted starkly with the light tan color of the rest of the concrete in place at the station. Lane agreed with the owner, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, that the patches were unsightly and brought unwanted attention to the repairs. TECVAC, Inc. was summoned for a fix.


TECVAC provided a spectrum of samples and WMATA selected the color desired. After removing the previously installed repair material, Tecvac technicians carefully prepared the area and installed the same Sika brand repair mortar, now combined with a proprietary mix of coloring agents that, when cured, closely matched the color tone of the member repaired and the rest of the station.


Providing a wide range of grays and tans, its more than a one or two patch system. PatchMatchtm was installed on a Northern Virginia Parking Garage Project where over 5000 patches are now in place. PatchMatchtm is versatile; not only can it match color, but can also match the texture of the existing surface. Bug holes in precast columns, resulting from poor casting procedures, simply disappeared.


Now precast concrete members, marble panels, masonry or stone materials, statues, detailed cornices and treasures requiring a conspicuous repair, can be tastefully repaired and restored with PatchMatchtm.

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