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SoftSoaktm Saturation Soak

SoftSoaktm Saturation Soak Can Be Metered To Apply Exacting Bulk Volume Applications. Or, it can be used to clean/seal the most delicate piece or artifact.


This is a versatile method for applying liquid materials to mass areas at an exact quantity setting per square foot. Or, an individual member can be enclosed and saturated using SoftSoaktm.


Whether its an airport runway or a delicate and historically significant statue, SoftSoaktm allows the application of repair or cleaning materials to deeply penetrate.


SoftSoaktm was used to methodically and efficiently apply a lithium nitrate solution to over 4 million square feet of ASR affected ramp and taxiway concrete at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. Lithium nitrate was applied in an attempt to supress the severe expansion of vast areas of concrete. Computerized metering, syncronized with wheel revolutions of the vehicle, appied recommended application rates to the expansive concrete using large tanker trucks


The grave stone of Mrs. Caroline Barret, a cousin of the first President of the United States, George Washington was treated with SoftSoaktm. The deteriorated stone grave marker, located in the Warner Hall Cemetery was suffering from the affects of almost two centuries of environmental pollutions and of weathering. It was required that the marker be restored, but not to have a "brand new" look at the competion; SoftSoaktm met that requiement. Lost sectional areas were replaced with PatchMatchtm matching polymer modified cement.


Now acres of concrete can be efficiently treated. Or precast concrete members, marble panels, masonry or delicate stone materials, statues, detailed cornices and historic treasures requiring a conspicuous cleaning and/or repair, can be tastefully renewed and restored with vacuum force technologies by Tecvac, Inc..

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