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Tecvac, Inc.

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"Taking Quality To A New Level...Worldwide"

Our Services

Exclusive Vacuum Repair Processes

ND Testing With Impact Echo

Widely proven around the world, Tecvac, Inc. leads the way in providing the deepest level of fill to the narrowest width of cracks.

No conventional method of concrete repair can come close to our ability to penetrate defects right to the source of the problem. Filling cracks as narrow as 0.001 inches is common place.

"Proper investigation leads to the proper repair"

A single core from a 20,000 sf span of concrete floor would do little good in establishing the extent of disrepair... 1000 would be nice but still inadequate. An Impact Echo survey can provide up to 500 simulated core samples in a single day.

Conventional Supportive Services

If the subject is concrete, masonry or stone repair, grouting, waterproofing, etc., chances are we've done it...


Condition Surveys

Project Management

Cutting and Patching


Sealers and Coatings

Cementitious Grouting

Leak Repairs

Delamination Repairs

Expansion Joint Restorations

Post Tension Repairs

Core Drilling

Masonry Repairs

Carbon Fiber Wrap

Historical Repairs

Underwater Repairs

TurnKey Project Management

Tecvac, Inc. is a Virginia Class A General Contractor

While Tecvac, Inc. specializes in the repair of concrete, masonry and stone, we have a long history in the construction business and we are fully capable of offering turn-key solutions. Ask us about our Design/Retrofit approach to your next project.

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