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Tecvac, Inc.

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"Taking Quality To A New Level...Worldwide"

Tecvac Capabilities
Tecvac, Inc. Can Bring The Total Team To Your Project

Although our efforts are concentrated in the realm of restoration

using our exclusive and proprietary vacuum processes, Tecvac, Inc. is an award winning Virginia Class A General Contractor that performs a vast array of general construction services. Tecvac, Inc. is an experienced Bond Completion Contractor. We have successfully completed numerous projects for national bond companies where client contractors have failed...time and again our reputation for detailed management skills and solid performance have proven...Tecvac will get it done.


American Concrete Institute (Recipient - National Capitol Chapter/American Concrete

Institute Award of Excellence For The Years of 2000 and 2001)

International Concrete Repair InstituteAmerican Society of Civil Engineering Services

Bond Completion - Failed Project Takeover

Non-Destructive Testing - Condition Surveys

Cutting and Patching - Waterproofing

Sealers and Coatings - Cementitious Grouting

Vacuum Injection - Leak Repairs

Delamination Repairs - Expansion Joints

Post Tension Repairs - Core Drilling

Masonry Repairs - Carbon Fiber Wrap

Historical Repairs - Underwater Repairs

Structures - Buildings - Bridges

Elevated Platforms - Parking Decks

Runways and Taxiways - Columns & Piers

Warehouses - Water Treatment Plants

Dams - Abutments - Bulkheads

While architects have become more specialized and confine their practices to a few building types, and contractors have tended to be specialized in a few different disciplines, the Tecvac team can integrate the latest materials, systems and techniques to into your improvements. Some of the many team approach advantages which are seldom found with traditional acquisition

methods are:


A specialized investigator of the problems who will work closely with your personnel to ascertain requirements„

A specialized designer for the specific task identified for retrofiit or improvement

A specialized peer review of the architect and engineers renderings for coordination

A quality assurance team with oversight responsibility

A value engineering team monitoring the project for prudent cost expenditures„

A hard budget of costs expected to complete the project

A contractor who is involved with the project from inception

The working team will establish the design criteria that will incorporate your firm in the evaluation and testing of specific design solution. After the first phase report establishes the extent of the deficiencies, the revealed criteria and background studies will be used to develop concepts and alternative concept approaches. The validity of these concepts can then be tested with sketches and technical site drawings that demonstrate their feasibility and appropriateness for the condition.


There is great advantage with this Total Team concept; construction drawings can be prepared while the work is begun; fast track construction with a thoroughly knowledgeable team and a fixed budget for completion assures success.


To discuss how we might assist you with your next restoration project, or a current problem you have with concrete, masonry or

stone call us toll free. We will be glad to help.

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