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Tecvac, Inc.

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"Taking Quality To A New Level...Worldwide"

Our Vision

A message from the President - Jeremy S. Boyd


As we enter our 26th year, I am very proud of Tecvac, Inc.'s long history of successful performance in solving concrete, masonry and stone problems around the world. Tecvac technicians have demonstrated time and time again that, like our motto, we take quality to a new level...worldwide.

Tecvac, Inc. is the perpetuation of a third generation of proud constructors and is recognized around the world as a leader in developing new technology for concrete repair and restoration. We have been called upon to consult with the Smithsonian Institute, General Services Administration, The National Park Service, Arlington National Cemetery and with many others who have invaluable historic projects in the United States and abroad.

In 1998, Tecvac engineers were invited by the European Society For Nuclear Research to participate with them in the development of their laser measuring device’s ability to mitigate nuclear vapor transmission.

Closer to home, Tecvac, Inc. started off the new millennium with The National Capitol Chapter of the American Concrete Institute's Year 2000 Award of Excellence For Concrete Repair. With a repeat performance of quality workmanship, we also received the award again in 2001.

I have much to be proud of, but in particular, I am proud of the organization's demonstrated tenacity and its ability to succeed where others have failed:


the Veteran's Administration Headquarters Building leaked for forty years and yet technicians had it dry in eight days...we developed a structural crack repair method that leaves no evidence of the repair and can go on to render it almost invisible...a basement office in the Sackler Museum leaked for fifteen years, and our technicians leak repair process had it dry in three days…we developed a color matching polymer-modified concrete repair patch material for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority...we performed vacuum structural crack repairs to beams and columns without leaving a surface trace for Fairfax County...for seven years, five contractors diligently tried but could not stop the water intrusion from the ramp area into Washington Dc's Union Station; we take pride in the fact that Tecvac technicians stopped the leaks.

Our completed concrete repair projects on parking ramps and structures, elevated mass transit platforms, bridges, landmarks, tunnels, grave stones and treasures of the world attest to Tecvac's commitment to demonstrate its leading edge technical competency in the more permanent repair of concrete, masonry and stone. Our works has been recognized by our peers with repeated repair project awards.

Our ever-expanding capabilities are far reaching and assures the permanent success of each project we undertake. We have long time relations with engineers, consultant specialist and international construction firms. This base of information enables us to draw upon vast technical resources both here and around the world.

We will remain paramount in our ability to provide advanced repair services, offer world class consultations and research and, thanks to our extremely talented team of specialist technicians, we will continue to provide creative solutions for the most complicated problems. Take a moment to peruse our web site and see what we have accomplished.

Because of our unique versatility, our proven experience, our superb management skills and a solid devotion to detail, you will enjoy peace of mind with Tecvac as your prime contractor. You have my word on it...


Jeremy S. Boyd,


Company Profile

Joshua A. Boyd - Vice President


Yes, Tecvac, Inc. is very proud of its long history of successful and award winning performance around the world. Since 1998 Tecvac technicians have demonstrated time and time again that we take quality to a new level ...worldwide.

My Grandfather began our humble construction company beginnings in 1927. We have since gone on to set the pace for new repair technologies.

Difficult problems posed to us by our clients have lead to the development of a host of repair innovations using vacuum technology. We are proud to take on seemingly impossible projects and succeed where others have failed. As a result of those problems, we have field tested and employed a number of exclusive repair processes:

TecSealtm -people tunnels at both Reagan National Airport and Dulles Airport leaked throughout cut and cover construction; others tried...but could not stop the leakage. Tecvac stopped the leaks and put long term warranties in place that guaranteed the leak repairs would stay that way...…

TecBondtm -–when WMATA was about to open a new station, they discovered their silica fume topping slab was debonded. Technicians mapped the areas and put the topping back into composite. Moisture within the delam zone was removed using our unique HotBoxtm…...97% humidity moved to less than 7% and ALL independent “pull test”s to confirm the concrete repairs broke in the structural slab...

PatchMatchtm -we developed a color matching polymer-modified patch material for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and have since put thousands of these inconspicuous repairs in place. Consider that PatchMatchtm has the ability to match virtually any concrete repair color and texture.

CleanSettm -we performed vacuum structural crack repairs to beams for Washington Metro Area Transit Authority without leaving a trace of the repaired crack using CrackMasktm…fluted panels, architectural members or in your face cracks can be vacuum injected with no post grinding or surface marring.

TecJointtm -in seven years, five contractors could not stop the water intrusion from the ramp area into Washington DC's Union Station; we take pride in the fact that our exclusive expansion joint leak repair system stopped the leaks …the first time.

PermeNewaltm - our flagship process of repairing ”square foot” areas of map cracking and end ASR deteriorated concrete. APTA Report revealed… “core recovery with sufficiently long pieces for compressive testing was not possible”. The Report went on…” to declare that after the completion of the impregnation operation, the cores were tested to yield a compressive strength ranging from 6,400 to 7,200 psi.”..we achieved a …30%-40% strength increases at Smithsonian’s American History Museum and eliminated the need and headaches of tear out and replacement.

Impact Echo - we conducted the largest Impact Echo investigation ever conducted in Taiwan, and we were performing Impact Echo Testing when there were only three machines in the entire United States.

Thanks to clients just like you, our completed project list is vast. Each of our processes were developed and improved upon from real problems in the field. Our clients trust our ever-expanding capabilities will continue to be far reaching, and will assure the permanent success of each project we undertake. Twenty-one years later… we are only getting better.


As we now move forward into the future, we will continue to provide creative and innovative solutions for the most complicated concrete repair problems; bring us yours...we will be glad to help.


Joshua A. Boyd

Vice President

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