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PermeJecttm Vacuum
Injection Process

This is a method for restoring the structural integrity by filling individual and discreet cracks in structural and non-structural members. Results from core testing and petrographics analysis after injection have revealed fractures filled to an incredible 5 microns wide.


On the surface, most conventional repair methods appear to work just fine. They may also appear to perform fairly well below the surface as well, but only to a certain depth and fineness of crack. PermeJecttm offers a proven process that repairs and restores concrete, masonry and stone more completely, more economically and more permanently.


Analytical studies and test results have found that pressure injection will fill only 70% of voids in dead end cracks at 30psi and, only 85% of voids at 105psi. Once the fracture is mounted with the PermeJecttm Process, all interconnecting cracks and voids will be filled. This method has pulled repair materials across damaged pier caps that were 14 feet′ thick! (Picture above depicts core of the last 2') PermeJecttm gets repair materials DEEP!


The PermeJecttm method of injecting repair materials has been petrographically proven to penetrate into the finest widths of cracks, down to 5 microns… and there are a number of other advantages:


Consider the limiting qualities of most conventional pressure injection repairs. For closely aligned cracks, map pattern cracking and generally porous and unsound surface conditions, pressure injection methods are severely wanting:


Little to no access to fine cracks below 0.004″

Low level fill from compression pockets.

Poor cure of resins from entrapped moisture.

Internal damage from pressure build-ups.

The PermeJecttm Injection Permeation Process not only eliminates these inherent problems, PermeJecttm can fill cracks, interconnecting crack networks and voids well below 0.001in.


Knowing the path of the crack is also a great advantage in providing a positively identified repair. Tecvac, Inc. pioneered the method to "reception pre-test" fractures. PermeJecttm allows the pre-testing of individual cacks for their ability to accept or refuse repair materials before injection begins. The continuity of the fracture can be traced during our "continuity audit". Most cracks in mass members can be confirmed receptive or “dead-end”ed without costly instruments.


High pressures are proven to significantly contribute to the extension of the existing fracture and the problematic cause of dialectic internal damages. (See Vacuum vs. Pressure) The PermeJecttm Process will introduce modern resins into cracks and crack networks, porous and unsound concrete, masonry and stone surfaces by creation of a low pressure atmosphere within the fracture zone. Pressure only techniques force the materials into the zone;The PermeJecttm Process draws the material into and along the zone using the nature of physics. Where it is encountered, imbedded reinforcing steel is rebonded and sealed.


The observable result of PermeJecttm is a fill and rebonding level unattainable by any other means.

(Read the full "Quake Damage" Technical Report)

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