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Tecvac, Inc.

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"Taking Quality To A New Level...Worldwide"

Our Processes

PermeNewaltm Permeation Impregnation

PermeJecttm Vacuum Permeation Injection

TecBondtm Interface Permeation Injection

TecSealtm Permeation

Leak Repair

Widely Proven Around The World, Tecvac, Inc. Leads The Way In Providing The Deepest Level Of Fill To The Narrowest Crack Width..

No conventional method of crack repair can come close to its ability to penetrate defects to the source of the problem. Filling cracks as narrow as 0.001 inches is common place.

PermeJecttm Vacuum Permeation Injection Process sets the benchmark in quality fracture penetration.

Delivering resins to the narrowest widths of fractures and penetrations. When it absolutely-positively has to be can count on Permejecttm for deep penetration crack repair.

Delaminations and debonding cause a real problem. Repairing with conventional patching methods can make them even bigger.

TecBondtm restores composite bond to delaminated member areas and topping slabs with little or no disruption to ongoing operations... no need for remove and replace.

Proprietary Leak Seal Permeation Process Uses Negative Forces To Seal and Repair Leaks In Concrete, Masonry and Stone More Effectively and Permanently.

TecSealtm can put a stop to the most difficut leak quickly and solve your leak repair problem efficiently and economically.

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