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CleanSettm Vacuum Injection Setup Method

This is a method for setting up the PermeJecttm Vacuum Injection Method. After mounting and injection, the crack sealer material is entirely removable without surface marring. Hide it with CrackMasktm.


The CleanSettm process now allows the structural restoration of an array of historically significant and aesthetically sensitive applications, including intricate fascias and detailed cornices, panel formed contours and delicate statues without surface damage.


The Hirshorn Museum in Washington, DC for example;

Because of its close proximity to the Capitol, the relatively young building, and associated garden walls, are designated historic. This designation caused considerable concern when, in 1993, certain cracks in the building's exposed aggregate facia panels and wall structures began to enlarge. The historic fabric limited most repairs and totally eliminated any form of pressure injection repairs because of the cleaning required for preparation of the repairs. More importantly, pressure injection requires a tenaciously bonding sealer material that contains the pressurized repair resin (usually epoxy). Only grinding, or high heat, will remove the material upon the completion of the repairs. In either instance, residue of the material and/or marring of the surface cannot be avoided. Removal is conspicuously evident on the adjacent surfaces upon completion of any pressure injection repairs.


Unlike conventional pressure injection setup methods, CleanSettm uses a thermally activated sealer material that peals from the surface and leaves little to no evidence behind; only a pristine surface with no defacing whatsoever, or any other signs of the repair evident on the adjacent surfaces of the injected fracture. Apply Tecvac's CrackMasktm process and the repaired crack will very nearly disappear!


Now exposed aggregate finishes, precast concrete members, marble panels, masonry or stone materials, statues, detailed cornices and historic treasures requiring a conspicuous repair, can be tastefully renewed and restored with CleanSettm, and hidden with CrackMasktm.

(Read the full CleanSet Technical Report)

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